Lorie Bonville Smith – Mustard Seed Art
‘Use the talents and resources you are blessed with’ has been a very meaningful life mantra to live by for Lorie (Bonville) Smith. Born in Presque Isle, ME and married Canadian.  Lorie has resided in north-western New Brunswick.  She and her husband Daniel Smith enjoy life, church and a family of three children and grandchildren.
Lorie grew up in a large family where a strong work ethic and sense of responsibility was instilled by her parents who were creative and not afraid to think outside the box. 
As a child of 10 Lorie’s passion for art was recognized by her parents, who enabled her to foster as a protégé of the late, Verna Hedrick. For seven years during after school lessons Lorie trained with Mrs. Hedrick. As well as the techniques of oil medium painting Mrs. Hedrick also shared her love of art and infused her students with joie de vivre. To this day, it is Lorie’s motto ~Paint Happy! She truly believes that being at peace with herself and the world around her is key to creating her best art.
After 21 years of working full time in the healthcare industry as a Registered Nurse, Sr. Manager, IT Analyst, Educator, Project Manager and Independent Contractor it was time to follow her heart’s desire; painting.
When asked why the name, "Mustard Seed Art," her response is, "I paint and have faith that they will sell."  Also, the end results of an inspirational seed thought never looks like the end product. results.  Lorie describes herself ‘like a tree’ planted on the Canadian/US border with roots and branches reaching into both countries ~ equally loved.
One recent Canadian highlight in 2017 was when the town of Florenceville-Bristol, NB purchased a painting to gift New Brunswick, Premier Brian Gallant.  We are #NBProud with #Maineroots.  

Lorie works in oil, acrylic, watercolour and mixed mediums.  At the forefront of her work is watercolour originals and prints.
You may contact Lorie for Gallery Exhibits, to schedule an appointment for a private viewing or to purchase wholesale bulk prints and to make an offer/bid on a original piece of her artwork at llbonvillesmith@gmail.com.  
All artwork on this page is copyright ©LBS and ©Lorie Bonville Smith.  Reproduction of any of the images are prohibited without the sole written permission from the artist, Lorie Bonville Smith.