Lorie Bonville Smith ~ Artist’s Statement

The work I have created comes from my desire to create beautiful and life-filled images. I’ve painted since I was ten years old, so the past 50 years have been an evolution of expression to the creative spirit within.

My overall vision (how I see myself as an artist) is to be like a flourishing tree, that’s firmly planted and rooted on the USA/Canadian border producing beautiful images every month. My life, historically has roots and boughs that reach into and are from both countries – which are equally loved and appreciated.

I expect my audience to find something in my work that will speak to them in some way or form. It may speak subtly or boldly of life, peace, beauty, fun, joy, newness or of a reflective time. My hope, is that a piece will clearly speak life.

My work compared to the contemporary artwork of today bends its boughs toward art-lovers that appreciate realism and expressionism. I believe my artwork fits in with multiple art Art History periods, but it is of an older, artist’s soul. Thus, the tree that stands and weathers the tests of time.

I’m inspired by nature and colour. To capture a life scene, a nature image or to use certain color combinations that speak of style and bring LIFE to a room.  All of these inspire me. Artists that have inspired me are the Group of Seven, Tim Packer, Jeff Dillion, Vincent Van Gogh and Claude Monet. I like the negative painting process of Tim Packer and the detail in Jeff Dillion’s work. Monet’s skies have always been a favourite and Van Gogh’s use of a limited pallet i.e. his multiple sunflower paintings are loved.

I’m very fond of how the Negative Painting Technique which allows the artist to set the mood with a certain colour (i.e. a warm orange or a cool blue background) and then, reverse what’s of most visually important to being painted first instead of what is not. My use of oil, watercolour, ink, acrylic and lacquer mediums on canvas and innumerable tools in the painting process delivers a broad outcome of artwork pieces.

My attitude of art making is that I must be in or am able to find that centered, peaceful, happy place within my emotions and mind where I know creating my best work happens. Often, I can find that place through the discipline of starting the next painting image that has most frequently been on my heart and keeps coming up to my mind’s eye over-and-over again. This is painting life to me.